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Make a better first impression than any of your competitors with the enormous knowledge base available from Media Group Online. For more than 20 years, TV stations and their advertising account executives have relied on our reports to give them an advantage.

Because the more you know about your prospects and clients’ industry and business before the first contact, the more likely you’ll be viewed as a trusted advisor and important resource instead of just another person selling advertising.

“Media Group Online has grown my business exponentially. I have created TWO multi-dealer campaigns based on your research. One generated $50,000 in NEW DIRECT money over a 4-month campaign. The second created $25,000. THANKS so much, Media Group Online!”

Katie Elliott

KLXY | Spokane, WA

“Blair Plastic Surgery is one example of tons of clients I have used Media Group Online to close with. Media Group Online, Inc. has up-to-date and interesting stats about the field and great selling information for this competitive category. Happily, $10,000 was added and with more to come.”

Machiel Marino

Account Executive, WTAJ, Altoona, PA

“Through key points in Media Group Online’s ‘Concert, Music, and Theater’ presentation and the ‘Family Fun Week’ promotion idea that I amended to fit for Cirque du Soleil, I was able to secure a $15,000 buy.”

Samantha Mitri

WKBW | Buffalo, NY

“I scheduled a meeting with a new prospect, a Lasik surgery center, and used Media Group’s information to close for a $24,000 annual. The client commented on how professional the presentation was and how, compared to the other account execs, I was the most prepared and informative. We were able to get 100% of the TV budget buy. Thank you.”

Chris Gross

General Manager, KEVN | Rapid City, SD

  • Industry Profilers and PowerPoints – Access more than 125 reports on virtually every large, intermediate and small retail categories of businesses in your market.
Industry Profilers and PowerPoints
Special Reports
  • Special Reports – These 8-page reports focus on current information and trends in media, consumer demographics and the ad world.
  • New Media Insight Reports – Learn the latest about email marketing, social media, e-commerce, mobile marketing and technologies that will affect the future of retail.
New Media Insight Reports
Automotive Update Reports
  • Automotive Update Reports – Help your auto dealer clients maximize their reach and sales with this monthly report about the industry that includes complete monthly sales data for all major brands and manufacturers.
  • Sales Management Insights Reports – Sales training and tips to help sales managers improve their team’s performance, professionalism and individual success.
Sales Management Insights Reports
TV Commercials
  • TV Commercials – More than 600 sample TV commercials that retailers have used successfully in markets across America.
  • Plus, a wealth of promotional ideas, sales aids and other support materials to make your job easier and your commission checks larger.

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