Industry Profilers and PowerPoints

Make every prospect and client meeting more successful by knowing more about his or her business and industry than your competitors. You’ll know in advance the pain points prospects and clients are likely experiencing and be ready to provide the solutions that builds trust in your relationships.

Each report shares important data in easy-to-read charts and industry trends to help you propose promotions and advertising messages that could maximize prospects and clients’ traffic, average transaction and revenues. All Profilers are provided in MS Word, so you can customize them with local information.

Each Profiler includes a matching PowerPoint presentation, so you can share important points clearly and succinctly, make it easier for prospects and clients to understand the data and achieve more during every meeting. You’ll find a blank slide at the end of each PowerPoint to customize with local information.

The Profiler library includes not only most retail channels, but also service businesses, medical and healthcare and all the major holidays.

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