Special Reports

Go in-depth every month with Media Group Online’s Special Reports. These extensive presentations provide insights, data and trends about TV and the other major media channels, such as newspaper, radio, out-of-home and cable TV. Every Special Report also includes a matching PowerPoint presentation.

Special Reports also explore specific target audiences, such as Millennials, Baby Boomers, Hispanic Americans, Generation Z and the LGBTQ community. Other Special Reports cover digital media and technology, such as social media, ecommerce and streaming media services.

In addition, the annual Calendar of Events Special Report is published every November, listing hundreds of monthly, weekly and daily events, celebrations, commemorations and anniversaries that can be the basis of advertising campaigns and promotions.

Recent Special Reports

  • Local TV News: Trusted and Believed
  • Newspapers: The Courage to Compete
  • Radio and Streaming Music Services: Tune In, Tune Out
  • TV Now: A Medium in Motion
  • The Rural Market: Renewed Prosperity

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