by   @KLmarketdaily
Source:, January 2022

User-generated content — video in particular — is closing in on traditional media in terms of its claim on consumers’ time.

Americans now spend 39% of their weekly media consumption time on various types of user-generated content, versus 61% on traditional media, according to a survey of 2,084 U.S. consumers age 13 and older with mobile phones conducted by YouGov for the Consumer Technology Association.

Predictably, average UGC consumption time is highest among teens (those 13 to 17), at 56%, and lowest among those 55 and older, at 22%.

User-created video content was found to command 16% of overall weekly media consumption time, on average — which, with a survey margin of error of +/- 3%, is essentially tied with the 18% found for watching traditional TV content, as well as with the 20% spent on watching video content on subscription-based streaming apps.

Looking at other types of content produced by traditional studios, listening to streaming music from popular artists accounts for 15% of total weekly media time, and listening to audio content/podcasts for 7%.

Looking at other types of user-generated content, gaming content accounts for 9% of total weekly media time, audio/podcasts for 6%, and music and gameplay content for 4% each.

Fully 7% of U.S. consumers 13 and older, or nearly 20 million people, were found to be monetizing content online in some way online, either full- or part-time. Full timers reported generating $768 per 30 days, on average.

Content creators reported 28% of monthly revenue coming from merchandise or fan experiences, on average, 27% from content subscriptions, 27% from pay-per-view or a la carte content payments, 16% from tips/ideas, and 2% from other sources.

They reported monetizing two to three content categories, on average, with images/photos, text and video content among the most popular types.

Gaming, audio and music have fewer content material creators overall, but more who are able to monetize their content.

The report, “Exploring the Creator Economy,” is being released during this week’s CES 2022 event in Las Vegas.