Co-op Advertising


As a local TV (and digital) advertising AE, you already have many competitive advantages over other media reps. Now, your competitive edge has been supersized with the addition of the Localogy’s comprehensive co-op directory exclusively available from Media Group Online.

According to Localogy, very few local TV stations are members and have access to its co-op directory – but now you do!

How many more appointments do you think you can schedule with prospects, and sales you can close with them and your current clients when you bring them “free” advertising dollars?

Successfully selling TV advertising – as are all sales – is built on creating trusting relationships with your clients. Showing them the co-op dollars they didn’t know were available and helping them utilize those dollars is a great way to start building that trust.

As a MGO member, you now have access to thousands of co-op resources in a quick-and-easy-to-use directory that Localogy is constantly updating. This is THE premier co-op database on which advertisers, media, agencies and others have relied for many years. It now includes guidelines for all media types, including digital.

  • 8,043 brand records
  • 1,998 formal co-op programs
  • 1,722 specially arranged programs
  • 1,200 TV eligible programs
  • 934 digital eligible programs
  • 1,541 brand records with sample artwork

View samples of a Localogy co-op program sheet