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Latest News:

Media, Retail, Marketing, Advertising and the Economy

Latest News:

Digital Media and Technology

Industry Profilers and PowerPoints:

Up-to-date reports on more than 150 retail sectors

Special Reports:

In-depth reports on the most important media, retail, marketing and demographic topics

Automotive Update Reports:

Latest topics and issues in the automotive industry and dealerships

Sales Management Insights Reports:

Ideas to make sales managers’ job easier and maximize the sales team’s performance.

TV Commercials:

View samples of dozens of TV commercials that advertisers in other markets have used successfully.


Ideas to highlight special events in support of your community with possible advertiser sponsorships.

Sales Training Aids:

Learn about selling techniques. Experienced sales people will also benefit from articles, games, and online training designed to hone their skills and try new strategies.

Broadcast Planning:

Every fall we publish a series of broadcast calendars to help you plan your upcoming year